Bridal Session with a Yak (Yak Wedding Photos, Creative Wedding Photos)

Bridal Session with a Yak

Yak Wedding Photos, Creative Wedding Photos

I was so excited for Calli when she told me about how she had contacted BHLDN Wedding Dresses and they had agreed to send her one of the upcoming winter wedding gowns. She shared with me about how excited she was when we were out hunting for Christmas Trees in Idaho. She was telling me how she had planned to shoot in the Tetons at a little wooden Church but because of a death in the family, she was unable to do it like she had planned. Somewhere in the discussing styled shoots I told her we had a friend who had a few Yaks that are friendly, and that I would do my best to help her out. I know what its like to have an awesome idea that you cant stop thinking about, and then just not be able to make it work for some reason or another. I felt so bad that she wasnt going to be able to make her idea come to life like she wanted so I offered to help if there was something else I could do. 

A few weeks later she called and asked if I wanted to help her put it together a little closer to home. She picked the dress, and contacted the Vendors, and I found the Models, and Yak as well as helped to find a church location in Cache Valley. 

One thing I loved about doing this shoot with Calli is she is great at the natural type poses, and I do more of the classical type poses. So we both were able to get a good variety of shots. 

I feel like everything worked out perfectly and I am so happy to be able to help Calli bring together what she had been picturing and make it come to life. 

When we sincerely want to help others and dont want anything in return, beautiful things happen!

I cant wait to see what other awesome visions will happen in the future! 

Dress: BHLDN

HMUA: Kayla Vellinga

Flowers: Dahlia Event Planning

Tie: Zuzu

Venue: Old White Church 

Little Church Wedding
Old church Wedding

Just a little video from the Yak session below :)