Saige { A girl and her horse, Logan Utah Horse Photographer}

I love these sessions. They are some of my favorite! This girl, her sister and her mom are some of the coolest girls to get to hang out with. I love how fun, and easy going they are! Saige is from Box Elder and she loves soccer, riding horses and being with her friends. She is a total natural in front of the camera and I loved being able to capture her in a few different locations and outfits. We started at Green Canyon with her horse Pacer. Her horse is even photogenic. Then we went to Providence Utah, to a really cool colored barn I know about. The owner is super cool about letting people take photos there if you just ask first. He lives in the house near by. Saige had some REALLY cute outfits. My favorite was her overall velvet dress from Roolee. 

The reason I love these sessions so much is because they are able to capture the in between moments of life. You have the yearly school picture, but they dont show your personality or anything other than how you've grown up a little more each year. When you're a senior then you get to schedule your senior session and capture everything about you. But what about the in between?

I dont know about you guys, but I stopped doing a lot of things when I transitioned from Middle School to High School. I went from doing 5 extra curricular activities to two. I didn't get photos of the things I loved at that age. Or really who I was at that age. Unless I needed a photo for a rodeo queen contest or the yearly school photo, there were no other photos taken. Except for selfies, I did those before they were called selfies. I truly wish I had more photos of me when I was younger. I wish I had more photos with my favorite animals. The ones who are in heaven now. I wish I had more photos with my best friends, through all ages because some of them didn't last. 

I am so happy that Saige will have these moments to keep forever. I can promise she will love them when she looks back on everything in her life as she transitions into new things each year.

Her Mom called me after the session to tell me thank you and I was so incredibly grateful for it! It means so much to just know that your clients are just good people. The kind you think about the little things and are nice and just real people. I love them!!

Thanks Saige and Monica!