Malad Idaho FFA Officer Team {Idaho Photographer}

If you haven't heard the song "Ticks" by Brad Paisley, go listen to it and then come back and finish reading the rest of this blog. 

So once when I lived in Pocatello (before I was married), I went on a first date with a guy I had met at church activity. We decided to go target shooting for just like 2 hours because I wasn't super great at committing to much at that time in my life. Anyway, he picked me up and we drove about 10 minutes to a nearby canyon where we could set up the 2 hand drawn targets we made. When we arrived, we walked out about 150 yards through some mid thigh high sage brush and set up the targets with no problem. We walked by to the truck through the same sage brush, loaded the guns, shot a few times (I can't remember who hit the target, but I am just going to say it wasn't me, just to be safe ;). After we each shot a round, we walked back to the targets, pick them up to see where we had hit. My date was a gentleman and opened my door for me, so I jumped in and waited for him to walk around and get in the drivers seat. He jumped in the drivers seat and looked over to me and said, "There is a bug on your leg." So I looked down, and saw a... tick. No biggie, just one little tick on my pant leg. So I picked it up and through it out the window. Then he says, " There is one on your arm..... theres one in your hair...".... and so on..... 

Here is what I am thinking in my head, "This is a FIRST DATE! I can't get naked in his truck!?.... But a village of ticks decided to make me their new spot to play hide and seek. Town is like 10-15 minutes away, and one of them might decide its hungry and make me a meal before I could get home!?!?!?!?" 

On the outside I was acting really calm and collected (its a first date, I need to make a good impression right? Plus I didn't want him to offer to undress me or something awkward like that, I barely knew this guy. lol), but on the inside I was about to squirm out of my own skin. 

Luckily, my date had a cousin who lived about 5 minutes away, so he rather quickly drove me there. We basically invited ourselves in, and he showed me where the closest bathroom was. 

I think I had my shirt off before I locked the door. That moment was probably the fastest I have ever taken all of my clothes off. I was in the bathroom for like 15 minutes trying to find as many ticks as I could by myself. Then when I was brave enough to get dressed in the same clothes (What if a tick was still hiding in them?) I came out and let my date check through my hair to make sure that I hadn't missed any. 

Total ticks found: 18


18 ticks on the first date!!! 

Its a memory I will never forget, thats for sure! I had to share that story because after this session, I found a tick....

 I love shooting groups of high school kids together. The is the Malad High School FFA officer team from Malad Idaho. I was having a hard time with everyones names, but mostly because there were 3-4 girls who had ky or kay in their name. Sorry girls! We got some fun shots, and nobody fell in the water, so it was a successful session. I only had two ticks on me from the session. Nothing serious right?! ... I might have cussed in my head when I found one on my leg when I got home. #30secondfreakout

Thanks for the fun session!!!