Mountain Man {Red Hawk Trading, Idaho Lifestyle Session}

Meet Red Hawk and his Wife. She has a cool name too, but apparently it means something special and she only likes Red Hawk to call her by it. They are basically pretty cool. Everything they are wearing was hand made, beaded, braided and sewn, mostly by Red Hawk himself. They also sew Canvas Tents for a living in Idaho. If you like to go to the Mountain Man Rendevous, like Fort Buenaventura in Ogden Utah, you might find these two there. 

This session was a dream, and also a memory I will never forget. We re-scheduled this session probably 3 times because there needed to be snow, but not so much that we couldnt get to the location. He had been waiting for 40 years to do this type of photo shoot, so we wanted to make it as great as possible. We scheduled for 9 am and the light was great. I met his wife at their home in Malad, and hopped in with her and one of her friends. We got about a quarter of the way up the canyon in their F-350 4 wheel drive truck and got so stuck I couldnt open my door. Soooo... Red Hawk (who had already ridden that far up the canyon on the horses) went to get a tractor to pull out the truck. Mean while, I was holding the horses, and when I saw the tractor coming decided I would start walking the horses toward the location we were going to shoot. Well, it turns out they dont like mud, or water, or me because the one bit my arm, and the other about flattened me out when it decided to jump over a mud puddle. They did get away from me, but only till they got back to the tractor. They got the truck unstuck, and then Red Hawk rode the horse's up the rest of the way while all of us ladies crammed into the Tractor and drove the rest of  the way up the canyon. We made it just as the mountain tops disappeared in the clouds. We were kind of bummed about that, but then the sun peaked out and the clouds disappeared just long enough to get a few shots with pretty snow covered mountains in the back ground. 

It turned out perfect, except for the mud. 

To get home, Red-Hawk rode the horses, his wife drove the tractor and I drove the truck back. All without getting stuck. 

They kept asking me if this was what I signed up for, and to be honest, if sessions were this fun every time, I dont think I would need a hobby it would be so fun!