Sophie Gail's Birth Story {Logan Regional Birth Story Photographer}

I tried to have a baby all natural after being induced and I couldnt handle it. It was tooo much pain. Having a baby is tough, emotionally physically and mentally. I admire all of the Mom's who do this stuff all natural. Tiffany is one of those Mom's.  I will just let you read her Birth story in her words.

"We had to get induced early due to high fluid levels and the baby was LGA (large for gestational age). My last baby got stuck with shoulder dystocia so we wanted to avoid the dangers of that. 

For 14 hours I was in early labor and only progressed from 1cm to 3cm. At 10pm the doctor broke my water. This helped the baby’s head to engage and finally contractions got more intense and started making some serious progress. 

We walked, swayed, bounced on the birthing ball and rested in bed. This whole time, I used the Hypnobirthing I had been training with. I kept the headphones in one ear to help me focus and keep my mind in the right place. In 3 hours, my progress had doubled and I was at 6cm. This is usually where I progress really quickly, and like my other two, this was no different. The doctor arrived early, knowing my history of progressing quickly here at the end (lesson learned when he missed my daughters birth- whoops!). Contractions were intense and I could feel a little pressure but honestly I didn’t think we were close to done. After swaying through a couple strong contractions, I could feel the baby’s head begin to descend. I said “The baby is coming.” and we got everything set up and got me on the bed. 

My husband, Drew, is trained in the medical field and we had planned on him delivering the baby with the doctors support. He started getting ready and dressed to deliver. The doctor was worried about my position because of our history with shoulder dystocia. So we sat the bed to a sitting position and they took off the bottom half. After a few strong contractions, I could feel the urge to push so I began the birth breathing used in hypnobirthing that we’ve been practicing and have used with my last two babies. 

Honestly (maybe I’m super weird) this is my one of my favorite things ever. This moment right here is the reason I go natural- being able to feel baby’s head descend and know exactly where she is. It is the most incredible moment and brings tears to my eyes just thinking about how precious and blessed I am to experience this. 

It was only a few deep breaths and she was crowning. The doctor and my husband were both right there to make sure everything was going well. The doctor told Drew what to do and showed him where and how, it was a really neat experience. Once the head and shoulders were out, the doctor said “Okay Tiffany, you can reach down and grab your baby” so I opened my eyes, reached down and pulled out my baby. It was incredible. I put the baby on my chest and forgot for a moment that we didn’t know the gender yet. Drew and the doctor were trying to get a good view. Drew was excited for this moment because he thought it was a girl since the moment I told him I was pregnant. The baby was laying chest to chest with me so they couldn’t see great. I heard Drew say “Oh! It’s a boy!” And the doctor corrected him and said “No, that’s a girl!” Sure enough, our little surprise baby is a girl, Sophie Gail born at 8lbs 12oz."

Ok so do you know why I love photographing birth stories now? This was such a cool experience for me to see how strong Tiffany is, and women are. Tiffany is clearly much stronger than me, but its WAY inspiring to see a new baby born to a wonderful father and mother. 

Thanks Tiffany and Drew! You guys do good work!