Cierra, Maddie, & Kaitlin {Logan Utah Friend Session}

When your in High School, your friends pretty much make or break your whole high school experience. Luckily these 3 have had each other to lean on. Unfortunately, as things do, parents get new jobs, and sometimes friends move away.  Kaitlin had to move to Texas last year and it was pretty much the worst news ever for Cierra and Maddie. Luckily, Kaitlin was able to come back to Utah to visit for a little while, so we made a plan to get photos of these cute girls together before she had to go back to Texas. We found a really awesome new location and had lots of fun just hanging out and playing, because thats really all the photos were for. Just to capture them being them selves together! My husband came along a also recorded a video for them as well. Its at the bottom if you make it that far.  Enjoy!